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Command & Control

Stacked Arms Protection is a group of Military and State Certified individuals that provide Executive Protection and Private Investigative Services for the state of Georgia. Our members “Train to Standard not to time” and operate consistently in both day and night operations in various environments.

Intellectual Property

Through building relationships with other licensed companies within the State and other authorized jurisdictions we plan to establish partnerships along with building our team of individual expertise to allow company growth. Our most valuable selling point is our motto “Do the right thing”, we believe that as long as we are following all Laws and Regulations that the spectrum of opportunities to work with all state officials will ensure our business thrives for years to come.


To provide the maximum effective service in a Client based organization and consistently adapting to the Client’s needs and expectations. Maintaining overall safety and peace of mind of the general public in order to accomplish mission success. Maintaining the highest standards of professionalism from established Operational Procedures and Security of State mandated regulations. Adhering to laws and regulations we adapt and overcome to the world around.

Chief Carothers

David C. Carothers (P.I. , C.E.S.S.)

Administration & Logistics
– 11 year ARMY Veteran
– 6 Yrs. Security Contracting
– Pacific West Academy – C.E.S.S
– Israeli Tactical School – Advanced EP

dates start at sept 9 2017 

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